Quick post this time…

I found a couple of scientific articles that support the barefoot running paradigm:




First link’s a little dry, have to warn you.  The other two are more accessible.  None of the studies are conclusive, and none of them examine a great amount of subjects in a controlled enviroment for a long term period of study.  Perhaps that’s next, if it is at all feasible.  Nevertheless, the info does support a lot of what is beleived anecdotally: Running w/ shoes interfers with proprioception, can increase risk of injury, in particular ankle sprains, and is less efficient then barefoot running.

So with that established…does barefoot running necessarily mean landing on the ball of the foot?  Is a ball of the foot landing any better then heel-to-toe?  In particular, is there a difference for longer distances?  Does a shod ball-of-the-foot landing have similar benefits to running barefoot?  These kind of questions plague my tiny little brain…more on that later, but alas, time for some sleep, as I have a 10k race coming up on Saturday.